Streamline Data Centre Construction with ACB Group’s new Research, Design and Innovation Hub.

Our new Innovation Hub will combine manufacturing, innovation and Data Centre Envelope expertise to streamline Data Centre construction.
Digital Render of ACB Innovation Hub


Control lead times with quality and reliable manufacturing of products for Data Centre external envelopes.


Use technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and more to continuously improve the way we Deliver Differently Better.


New methods of project delivery. Save time and reduce costs with smart engineering solutions. We work to deliver on tight construction schedules.

Aerial view Digital Render of ACB Innovation Hub

ACB Hub Purpose

The ACB Research, Development & Innovation Hub will be used to service our existing supply chain, as we aim to bring innovative solutions to the market.

The smart side of the Innovation Hub will use technologies like Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality to give clients walkthroughs of their buildings before the project goes to site.

We will work with all stakeholders to co-create solutions to common problems that exist in the data centre construction industry.

Senior Leadership View

“ACB Hub will preserve our ‘right first time, right every time’ value for delivering our client’s needs throughout the life-cycle of the asset. We will have full control of critical envelop elements, allowing us to deliver the project efficiently, precisely and in line with the client’s expectations. By offering this digital-twin in-house solution-based approach, we can priority plan and easily adapt to the ever-changing demands in the industry, without concern of external influences or dependencies.”

Alan Rowan Technical Director

Alan Rowan Headshot

HUB Design Methodology

The Hub was designed with our neighbours in mind. The side elevation mimics the transition from the sky to ground through the colour scheme of the panels to respect the environment in which the building sits.

Internally the Innovation Hub will focus on traditional manufacturing and fabrication methods combined with new innovations.


render of maufacturing building
render of inside a manufacturing facility

ACB-m & ACB-i

ACB-Manufacturing (ACB-m), the virtual world will meet the real world. ACB-m will work closely with ACB-i to design, manufacture and assemble offsite solutions for the built environment, such as rain screen solutions, metal fabrications, and Data Centre modules.

ACB-i will support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for our team and our sector, offering digital apprenticeships, and training on new technologies associated with Building Information Management and Modeling (BIM), virtual reality and augmented reality.


When you collaborate with us, you work with experts. Our expert Data centre delivery team know what solutions work. ACB Group offer a total federated solution to the Data Centre building envelope.

ACB Hub will integrate the manufacturing process into our long-established BIM Level 2 workflows, using our digital twin models for clash detection. ACB Group will hold the intelligence as the building develops.

We design solutions internally and project manage these designs onto the Data Centre building. Our solutions provide the best value and quality being right the first time.

feature window on a manufacturing building

Chairman’s View

“Innovation is one of ACB Group’s core values and we believe fostering a culture of innovation is key to our continued provision of differentiated and value-added solutions to our customer base. The establishment of our new Research, Development and Innovation Facility beside our Cavan Head Office is an example of this belief being converted into action where innovations in manufacturing technologies can and will be developed and tested and in turn smoothly transferred to full-scale production”

Pat Gaynor Chairman