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Mountpark Baldonnell Unit A

Client: Mac-group 

Scope: Roofing and Cladding

Scale: 10,500m2

ACB Group installed 10,500m2 of Kingspan RW roof panel, 3,500m2 of Kingspan RW wall panel, and 2,000m2 of Kingspan MR wall panel. ACB achieved an airtightness value of 1.11 on the project.  

Mountpark Baldonnell Unit B

Client: Mac-group 

Scope: Roofing and Cladding

Scale: 16,851m2

ACB Group installed 14,000m2 of Kingspan RW Panel to the roof and 7,500m2 of Kingspan RW panel to the walls. Awarded the internal white wall package on the project as additional scope. There was a strict airtightness requirement present and ACB surpassed expectations achieving a score of 0.92

Fyffes Warehouse

Fyffes Warehouse

Client: Meegan Builders 

Scope: External Envelope

Scale: 10,683m2

Installed 7,500m2 of KS1000 RW panel on the warehouse roof. Installed 550m2 of Bauder green roof system on the office. Installed 4,100m2 of KS Architectural Wall Wave & Louvre panels. ACB were awarded the Sinusoidal Canopy on the loading bay as an additional package. 

Horizons Logistics Park front of house

Horizons Logistics Park

Client: Mac-group

Scope: External Envelope

Scale: 14,000m2

ACB installed 14,960m2 of Kingspan RW panels and AOVs to the roof. 5,915m2 of Kingspan Evolution Panel and 210m2 Trespa Soffit detail installed on the walls. There was 1,026m2 Kingspan Carrier Panel with Vivaldi Rainscreen installed on the walls.

Horizons Logistics Park front of house

N6-N8 Horizons Logistics Park

Client: M&P Construction

Scope: External Envelope

Scale: 14,958m2

ACB installed 12,709m2 of Kingspan RW panel on the walls of the three units and 14,958m2 of Kingspan RW on the roofs. Additionally, there was 442m2 of rainscreen panel installed on the units. A Soprema Felt roof build-up of 450m2 was installed on the offices and fibre cement cladding of 96m2. ACB’s package also included doors and windows.

Roofing solution at Cuisine de France New European HQ

Cuisine de France Production HQ

Client: Cuisine de France

Scope: Roofing Contractor

Scale: 26,000m2

ACB installed 26,000m2 of Sarnafill warm roof build-up waterproofing solutions on the Cusine de France European Production Headquarters. 

Bristol Myers Squibb Dublin

Client: Bristol Myers Squibb

Scope: External Envelope

Scale: 3,400m2

ACB installed 3,400m2 of a Paralon FM Built-up felt roof. Also installed was 1,600m2 of Paroc 4Hr. Fire wall panel and 3,400m2 of Kingspan RW wall panel. ACB Group also carried our all drip and flashing details on the project.

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