ACB Mobile Workshop Departs

ACB Group Manufacturing is delighted to announce the departure of one of our mobile workshops from HQ in Cavan to Copenhagen where it will be deployed on one of our data centre sites.

This is a key milestone in the journey for ACB Group’s commitment to Delivering Differently Better using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Like ACB Group “Power Teams” Mobile Workshops are smart, agile, and mobile. Our mobile workshops can be set up on any data centre site where we work.

With the ACB Mobile Workshops, the ‘last-mile’ fabrications, like flashings and capping’s can be measured and cut on-site to fit the detail where it will live.

Two ACB Group manufacturing containers on a lorry
ACB-m Mobile Workshop departs to a Data Centre Site in Copenhagen

What are ACB Group ‘Power Teams’?

ACB’s “Power Teams” are cross-functional, multi-disciplinary ‘Business Units’ assigned with the responsibility of cradle-to-cradle project delivery of the full External Envelope. Each Power team has the capability to deliver multiple data centres in parallel.

“Operations Anywhere” means ACB Group are fully mobile across Europe and the UK, currently delivering Data Centre solutions in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and the UK.

ACB Group ‘Power Team’ Structure

What are Modern Methods of Construction?

Modern Methods of Construction is the process of constructing buildings more efficiently, sustainably, and reliably. Ultimate success in modern methods of construction can be achieved through off-site and on-site manufacturing techniques, off-site fabrication, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and digital technologies.

CIF explain that “Modern methods is the future and will increase modular and offsite manufacturing to higher standards of design, fabrication, testing, and certification”.

According to Green Building Encyclopaedia, “On-site construction waste can account for up to 15% of the embodied carbon of a building; off-site construction can significantly reduce this, by well over half in most cases”.

We are committed to becoming the driving force for External Envelope Subcontractors using Modern Methods of construction theories and practices, leading the way with the deployment of on-site mobile workshops.

Benefits of Modern Methods of Construction

Findings from a CIF report of MMC find that there are three key benefits to employing off-site manufacturing. Early engagement in the design process of the project leads to:

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Traceability


Fast turnaround times to match with strict programs, helping the General Contractor and the client.


BIM model use and data validation will ensure the correct and exact assembly of the off-site modules. Modules will be assembled fully and accurately off-site because of the correct data held in the BIM Model.


Design team members will be able to track the modular unit from assembly in the factory right through to delivery on-site and installation.

Where are ACB Group with Modern Methods of Construction?

We have found significant market drivers for change in the construction industry, with some being:

  • 40% of carbon emissions coming from the built environment
  • Cost pressure
  • Skills scarcity
  • Digitalisation

ACB Group has found key opportunities for change in the Data Centre Market using Modern Methods of Construction, using off-site fabrication, design, and manufacture.

ACB-m Capabilities

Early Engagement

We are strong believers in early engagement. Employing ACB Group from RIBA 3 on the RIBA Plan of Work will allow us to influence and optimise the design allowing control of the BIM model, program and manufacturing of bespoke finishing elements for the Data centre meaning clients can get the best cost savings and delivery methods from experts.

With the circular economy in mind and the cradle-to-cradle mindset of recycled materials, early engagement will enable stakeholders to “design out waste”, helping achieve sustainability goals.

The MacLeamy Curve


ACB Group standardise, modularise, and prefabricate panels and finishes bespoke to any data centre project we work on. This allows us to reduce costs and deliver projects on time and in budget and reduce overall programs.

3D Image of On-Site Mobile Workshop set-up

Health and Safety

Having pre-formed corners, flashings and other components means that ACB site teams can speed up installation and reduce risk and time-on-site leading to improved health and safety for all.

ACB Group are a “One Stop Shop”

Adding ACB Manufacturing’s capabilities using the latest modern methods of construction will underpin our current position as the ‘Go-To’ External Envelope Specialists.

We offer expert knowledge and design solutions to consider for modularisation solutions for Data Centre construction. Our team has the best minds in the industry who supply innovative solutions for you.

Key Takeaways

Using ACB Manufacturing for Modern Methods of Construction and off-site Manufacturing, clients can be assured of three things.

  1. Efficiency in manufacturing through the application of Lean processes including continuous improvement.
  2. Supply Chain certainty when ordering flashings that traditionally make up the final 10% of Data Centre building finishes.
  3. Innovative solutions through early engagement resulting in cost savings and more streamlined building delivery. This is achieved by ACB Group controlling the BIM Model of the Data Centre from early engagement to handover.

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