ACB Group are delighted to announce we have secured the external envelope package for Penney’s Distribution Unit in Kildare. To date, this is ACB Group’s single largest project win which demonstrates the capabilities ingrained in the business.

Working with TSL projects, we will deliver over 45,000m2 of a roof on an accelerated 13-week-programme.

Some key reasons why ACB Group won this project was because of:

  • Demonstrated capabilities at tender stage
  • Early engagement and solutions-driven approach
  • Level of service and support given to TSL’s commercial team

The ‘Go-To’ External Envelope Specialists

As a recognised Guaranteed Irish Brand, ACB Group chose to tender this project as we always keep at least 10% of our operations in Ireland. Like Penney’s, as ACB Group continue to grow globally, Ireland will remain our first home.

Working with TSL delivering this landmark project for a much-loved Irish brand ACB Group will deliver “one of the most leading-edge distribution centres in Europe”, meeting specific sustainability requirements.

Environmental Aspects

Once complete, the building will maximise its efficiency using rainwater harvesting for water reduction, use air-source heat pumps to provide heating when and where required. The building will also use solar panels to reduce primary electrical energy input. There will also be a 600m2 Green Roof on the pallet store.

The air tightness value on the distribution centre will be 2 allowing efficient heating. The industry benchmark for air tightness values in Ireland is 5.

View from The Project Director

John Downey will head up ACB’s delivery team on the project. John joined ACB Group in August 2021 and brings vast experience of over 25 years in the facades and envelope industry working on large scale projects in the Middle East.

“This is a watershed project for ACB Group, maximising all the top-line experience and expertise within our design and operations division. Early Engagement and up-front, frank, pre-tender discussions have allowed ACB to get a head start on development”, said John of the project.

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