ACB Group is delighted to announce being awarded a silver medal from Ecovadis, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability from a Labour, Ethics, Environmental, and Procurement sense.

ACB has an Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Strategy comprising eight pillars. These pillars cover the range of activities needed for ACB Group to become best in class for our industry for sustainability, with a key pillar already acted upon being modern methods of construction, offsite fabrication and manufacturing

Ecovadis is a worldwide recognised standard for providing sustainability ratings. Ecovadis provide results to participating companies after analysing policies, processes, and procedures that demonstrate sustainable practices and actions.

ACB is recognised as ‘advanced’ under Ecovadis criteria. Being ‘advanced’ and achieving a silver medal demonstrates our serious commitment to our ESG Strategy and the already solid foundations in place to act as a sustainably responsible business.

The score achieved in the ‘Labour and Human Rights’ category is outstanding, lining up with the award of ACB being a Great Place to Work, where employees are treated honestly and fairly. This claim is backed up by evidence supplied to Ecovadis which demonstrates tangible actions regarding employee health, safety, and welfare.

This is a very important milestone for ACB as we work to improve our overall rating to outstanding delivering on the company’s ESG strategy to 2025.

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