Georgina Quigley is to speak at the BIM Coordinators Summit on October 28th, 2021. 

The BIM Coordinators Summit is a free virtual event established to celebrate the ‘Heros’ of BIM (Building Information Modelling). Register here now to see Georgina speak about BIM’s impact on ACB Group and the construction industry at large.  

ACB Group & How BIM Enables

BIM has been a driving force of ACB Group’s growth and expansion in becoming the specialist “Go-To” External Envelope specialists in the Data Centre Market. ACB Group is the only specialist Irish roofing and cladding contractor that are BIM Level 2 certified. 

ACB Group has embedded BIM processes into the business and uses the full suite of BIM360 products to manage a project from early-stage engagement, through to project handover. BIM document management allows total collaboration between our project power teams and clients in a live environment, allowing all stakeholders of the project to manage and optimise all its components. 

BIM Workflow vs Traditional Workflow

How do ACB Group Add Value with BIM? 

ACB Group are intimate with the building 

Our highly skilled in-house design team work on the building’s detail and design from early-stage procurement 18 months prior to the install on site. Having control of the model means that ACB can offer unrivalled value engineering options and can offer 3D Modelling to LOD/I 5 and clash detection, removing design bottlenecks, therefore, resulting in cost savings of 33%.

Construction process infographic comparing digital vs traditional
Digital vs Traditional Construction Process

ACB Group Control lead times 

ACB Group control lead times by using BIM Models combined with our new Research, Development, and Innovation Hub. ACB’s innovation hub will manufacture the building envelope finishes which traditionally make up the last 10% of the building like flashings, gutters and louvre screens. All finishes will be manufactured to the exact specifications of the building. 

ACB Innovation Hub

Mobile Workshops

Our new innovative mobile workshops will allow ACB Group to create bespoke flashings on-site which facilitate ACB in always being ‘Right First Time’.

ACB Group take Ownership 

Our teams take full ownership of the design and details that go onto the external envelope of the building. The ‘One Stop Shop’ is the solution ACB offer which means one data model for the entire building envelope that allows our team to take full ownership.

Key Takeaways

  1. ACB Group are the ONLY BIM Level 2 Certified Irish contractor in the Roofing and Cladding industry
  2. ACB Group coordinate and take full ownership of the design
  3. Controlling the BIM Model, combined with ACB Innovation Hub will allow us to manufacture bespoke finishes for the Building Envelope
  4. BIM has huge benefits for specialist contractors and clients

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