ACB Group is delighted to announce we have recently become members of Guaranteed Irish.

What does this mean?

Membership of Guaranteed Irish shows that ACB Group creates quality Irish jobs, are committed to our local communities and are proud of our Irish origins. The Guaranteed Irish symbol is widely recognised around Ireland and Europe. We are proud to display the logo across all our platforms as we represent Ireland on a global scale.

ACB Group CEO Georgina Quigley believes that membership with Guaranteed Irish will benefit the business along our growth journey:

“The Irish workforce has always been extremely fortunate in that the Irish workforce, perhaps more than any other, has long had the experience of working in other jurisdictions. The Irish are renowned for the art of conversation and using this art to develop deep trusting bonds. Irish businesses have always been capable of seeking opportunities for the supremely talented Irish construction workforce to work in markets across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, and the UK.

The Irish have developed a unique ability to work as part of multicultural teams with a collaborative approach. The international outlook of many of our employees will be of enormous benefit as we expand into new markets. The Guaranteed Irish symbol is the national symbol of trust in Irish businesses and a symbol of ACB Group’s commitment to supporting sustainable jobs, contributing to our local communities, and our commitment to Irish provenance.”