Lost Time Injury Record

ACB Group can announce that from January to May 2021, there have been more than 47,000 hours worked by our Teams, with no Lost Time Injury (LTI’s) reported. This is a testament to our teams that they have worked hard to ensure no incidents have been recorded. At ACB Group, our safety statement is ‘Safety is no accident. Be there for your Family’.

Ciara Curtin, ACB Group Health and Safety officer has said; “At ACB Group the safety of our people is paramount. Reaching this achievement shows what a group of people can do when they all work together to make the workplace safe. This achievement reflects continuous improvement towards reducing risk, teamwork & personal ownership of safety.

At ACB Group we recognise that safety training pays off. We are committed to continuing to invest in our people & to provide them with necessary & additional training to support them in maintaining & improving the overall safety culture within the workplace, alongside gaining additional personal qualifications.

Our employees are highly trained, responsible & proactive, and we are immensely proud of this achievement.”

What is Lost Time Injury?

Lost time injury refers to an incident when an employee has missed or is missing work due to an injury due to work or work conditions. Injury can occur on-site but incidents that happen off-site that affect an employee’s ability to work will also be recorded by a Health and Safety official. 

Why is Lost Time Injury Rate Important?

LTI is a key metric for ACB Group when measuring monthly health and safety performance. Keeping this metric low ensures that our insurance premiums remain low and is also an assurance that ACB Group can use resources to complete programs on time. 

What is the LTI Benchmark?

The LTI benchmark is calculated by using an approximated benchmarking figure. 200,000 hours is used as the international hours worked denominator to calculate LTI’s. At ACB Group we always strive for zero.

ACB Group’s Commitment

Our Dedicated Health and Safety teams liaise daily with our site team to ensure all Health and Safety reporting is in line with ACB Group and Industry best practices. We ensure all incidents are reported no matter how minor it is. We encourage complete transparency and openness on all incidents on-site to ensure the most accurate representation of the truth.