What is Continuing Professional Development 

According to CIPD Continuous Professional Development is a combination of different approaches to help manage learning and growth. CPD aims to foster professional development that can be applied in the real world. 

This week, from 17th-23rd May, is Learning at Work Week and is a good time to write about Continuing Professional Development. Continuing Professional Development and helping staff career development is a key pillar of ACB Group as we continue on our rapid growth journey.

CPD can be both structured and unstructured with both forms of training playing a pivotal role in ACB Group’s team professional development. 

ACB Group’s Approach to CPD

Ruchira Kulshreshtha, Continuous Improvement lead At ACB said, “we practice change in the form of continuous Improvement. We believe that small daily improvement over time leads to stunning results.”

ACB Group host internal CPD seminars for all staff to continuously learn about our industry. The development of our new R&D Innovation Hub will allow all staff to be exposed to a sophisticated CPD environment. 

As the digital, high-tech infrastructure and other critical infrastructure projects become more complex, our teams continued learning ensures ACB Group are the best fit to deliver projects. 

CPD hours are recorded on our team’s timesheets weekly and then goes towards the CPD register. As members of CIRI, based on the size of our team, ACB Group is required to hit a minimum of 830hrs of CPD per year. All ACB Group employees have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning courses, allowing learning to continue in their own time.

In 2020, Our Team had a total of 1,195 hours of CPD. These hours were both structured and unstructured and for 2021 we aim to better this level of CPD and are already on course to do so.

Currently, our team attend weekly CPD on all topics, such as roofing best practices, gutters, rainscreen and understanding the sustainability and environmental requirements of our sector.