ACB Group Research, Development, and Innovation Hub (ACB-i), located at Head office in rural Ireland close to the town of Ballyjamesduff will open this July 2021. We are looking forward to welcoming our customers and collaborators to visit our site, where we can work together to deliver a better-built environment for everyone.  

At ACB, we believe by offering digital twin external envelope solutions; our customers will get the opportunity to understand their building performance better and earlier in the delivery cycle. 

Digital Twins facilitate design iterations and clash detection with interfacing trade packages eliminating significant waste pre-construction.

ACB-i will enable more significant research into how we can better meet the growing environmental demands on a building’s whole life performance. 

It is important to ACB that we remain innovative and support our client’s needs in an ever-changing world, challenging the status quo and offering building solutions to meet future demands. Technologies including Augmented Reality and Virtual reality will give our team and our clients a better understanding of their buildings through virtual building walkthroughs at every stage of building delivery from design concept stage to handover. 

ACB-i will support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for our team and our sector, offering digital apprenticeships, and training on new technologies associated with Building Information Management and Modeling (BIM), virtual reality and augmented reality.

Alongside ACB-i, we will incubate ACB-Manufacturing (ACB-m), the virtual world will meet the real world. ACB-m will work closely with ACB-i to design, manufacture and assemble offsite solutions for the built environment, such as rainscreen solutions, metal fabrications, and data centre modules. 

ACB-i is about realising the importance and opportunity to co-develop with our stakeholders, including suppliers, local government to meet the needs of our datacentre clients globally. Growing sector capability and skills necessary to support our buildings and customers of the future.